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We are limited by the funds we have available, so what we can do is modest compared to the needs.

Here is what we were able to accomplish this year with less than 300 paid members:
1. Helped 15 families in crisis situations, providing medical help, housing, utilities, clothing, etc. You provided nearly $11K in crisis support to families.
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Veteran Memorial

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What is your opinion about a memorial which honors the veterains?

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1. Support and willing to donate.
2. Support and willing to help share the cause with the public.
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Veteran Memorial

Postby dennislinam » Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:32 pm

Veterans Honored at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

As a child Cal Farley, the creator of Cal Farley’s boys ranch, endured many hardships and people called him “Shrimp” because of his physique. He loved playing baseball, and walked daily to play. At sixteen a semi-pro baseball team offered him a contract and he was known to say, “They never got me behind a plow again.” In 1918 he volunteered for service in the Sixth Engineers and engaged in several battles during World War I. Out of 250 men he was one of the few who survived.

Cal’s accomplishments were numerous during his service. He organized athletic programs for the allies’, and mentor German children’s baseball. Before leaving the military, he won the American expeditionary force championship. Upon returning to the United States Cal won the world welterweight wrestling championship. Although this giant of a man is portrayed in a statute at Cal Farley’s boys’ ranch, the children who continued his military heritage are not honored.

Over 9000 children have left Cal Farley’s organization since 1939 with the tools to become productive citizens, and many of those have served in the military. It is now time to place those who have given selfless service to the military alongside Cal Farley. CFBRAA seeks help in meeting the financial obligation of building a monument which will honor Cal Farley’s veteran’s service. Building a Veterans Memorial for former residence of Cal Farley's, who have served in the military or have sacrificed their lives requires effort and funding. Only through the public’s effort can this monument be erected, and without the donations these deserving warriors will not have a final resting place for their name. Donations can be provided either by ordering a t-shirt or donating at the booster website. Donations size is completely your decision and provides the alumni Association the ability to “carry on his work.”

Additional Information:
The website with information is
The T-shirt booster drive and donation site is

Correspondence for donations
Cal Farley’s boys ranch alumni Association
“Veterans Memorial Fund”
C/o Executive Director Bobby Sarpalius
133 Springhill Drive
Hurst, Texas 76054
Phone# 817-788-8782
Email: [url][/url]
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Re: Veteran Memorial

Postby rob waldrup » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:52 pm

Gentlemen, The Veteran's Memorial is a grand idea and effort for EX-RANCHERS. I am, have been, and will continue to be an advocate for the exes,...not staff, their children and so on. This is an Ex BR Veteran proposition, at least that is how it started. Mixing in any semblance of staff tarnishes the mental images of my BR heroes and friends that I hold sacred. I find that to be offensive. If a BR ex crossed the line to become staff, he's out too as far as I'm concerned. Whether anyone believes it or not is immaterial to me but it WAS them against us. I cannot support, with a clear conscience, the efforts that will be put into the memorial fund. Cal Farley's Boy's Ranch was founded for the boys that grew to men by their experience, not the staff. I am not the only one with this frame of mind but I don't hear them and may not. That is fine with me too. I gave my five years there to earn the right to speak my piece here. 8)
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Re: Veteran Memorial

Postby dennislinam » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:43 pm

Your feelings do matter and I appreciate your comments. As you I spent 4 1/2 years at the ranch, but had a different experience. The evolution of the monument needs to encompass veterans of Girlstown, BR, and the staff/children who have served the ranch or Girlstown. Others can be honored through buying a paver or brick "in memory of". Please read the guidelines for the building and who can obtain honor places. There is a clear policy requirement. This standard allows each type of member to receive a place of honor based on their position, allowing the wall and centerpiece to only encompass the Veterans of Cal Farley's, which is, as you said, is as it should be. Documentation is on the CFBRAA website. Please continue to support and pass this project to others and hope to see you soon brother :)
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Re: Veteran Memorial

Postby Jerry Nicholson » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:27 am

The policy does indeed include staff and former staff members as well as other employees and boys and girls residents of BR and Girls Town.

However, this is not an uniquely BR thing, we are honoring and recognizing veterans who happened to be associated with BR. Those who served their country in the armed forces deserve to be honored for that service whether they were ranchers or staff. The first tile to go up will be for Cal Farley, honoring his service in WW1. The second is for Alvis Grant, one of the original boys at BR in 1939. We will be auctioning the right to purchase those tiles in order to help raise money for the Veteran's Memorial. '

I encourage everyone to embrace and support this project as much as you can. Many of you will remember our dear friend "Sabor". Norman Martin. Norman tried for years to get this project off the ground and I know he would be proud that we are finally here with it.
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Re: Veteran Memorial

Postby dennislinam » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:56 am

Thank You for the clarifications on policy. :D
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